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    Mary Moran MS, LPC

    Therapy often gets a bad rap, I am sure you have heard from friends or family members about how difficult therapy can be, or maybe someone you know had a bad experience. As your therapist I view therapy as an opportunity for growth, a way to lighten your load or to get back onto the path towards the life you want to be living. This can be challenging or daunting at times, but together we can move you towards a place calm and peace and away from chaos and anxiety.

    I have a background in treating substance, domestic violence offenders, anxiety and depression, codependency and trauma. I pull from the ideas of positive psychology, highlighting and identifying strengths within you and how these strengths can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. We will work to increase positive experiences like happiness, joy and love by incorporating gratitude, compassion and resiliency. 

    Trainings include:

    EMDR Basic Training – EMDR Institute

    Sand Tray training level one- Sand Tray Training Institute of NM

    Sand tray training level two- Sand Tray Training Institute of NM

    Somatic Approaches for healing trauma: Albert Wong, Ph.D. Founder and Director, Somatopia